7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Children’s Photographer

Today, it seems like everyone carries a camera around in their pocket. Smartphones are getting better and better, allowing parents to capture those amazing moments with their kids in ways that they never have before. That doesn’t mean, however, that professional children’s photographers are obsolete. In fact, there are many reasons to hire a professional children’s photographer, whether you’re documenting an important milestone or simply capturing photos of your children exactly as they are today.

1. Professional photographers see things differently.

Professional photographers are artists. We look through the lenses of our cameras at a different world: one that is made up of color, and shapes, and important moments. We see the brilliant blue of your son’s eyes or the gorgeous quirk of your daughter’s smile, and we aim to bring out those important details in our pictures.

As a professional photographer, I see your kids in a way that you, as the parent, might never get to see them. I imagine poses and backdrops that help shape the way I photograph your children—and create images that you might never have imagined when you were standing behind your camera phone. When you hire me, you get all the benefits of that unique worldview directed straight at your kids—and you’ll fall in love with the results.

2. Professional equipment makes a big difference.

It’s true that your camera phone can do a lot of amazing things. What it can’t do, however, is duplicate the effects that I can get with a professional quality camera. Professional photography equipment is far more advanced than smartphone technology when it comes to working in low light settings. It’s also much better at capturing still images from wiggly little people who struggle to sit still long enough for us to complete the photo session. Sure, your camera phone can capture great things; but chances are, it’s just not going to produce the same quality images that you’ll get from a professional.

3. You want to celebrate your milestone perfectly.

As a professional photographer, I understand just how important it is to capture big moments and showcase them beautifully. If your little one is heading toward a big milestone, it should be captured and cherished for your, and their lifetimes.. I’ll get some amazing pictures—often of things you didn’t even realize could look so exquisite.

4. You can get incredible wall art out of a professional session.

There’s nothing quite like having a stunning picture of your children to hang over the sofa or a series of images to turn into a collage in the dining room. Those pictures catch the eye and invite you to recall those precious memories while encouraging guests to take a look at some of those great moments. If you want wall art, however, chances are, your phone’s camera just isn’t going to cut it. Most of the time, those images aren’t a high enough resolution to turn them into large prints. Even if you try, the images often turn out grainy and unfocused, which isn’t the effect you want from your wall art! I also offer master retouching so those big portraits on your wall will look perfect!

5. Experience can completely transform your pictures.

Have you ever tried to capture the picture that you saw on Pinterest or to recreate one that you saw on a friend’s Facebook page after her photographer posted it online? Chances are, you were unsuccessful in truly recreating the picture you fell in love with. Sure, it was probably “close enough,” but chances are, it failed to really meet your expectations.

That’s where experience comes in.

Thanks to experience and training, I have a good idea of how to change a pose to make it match the vision you have in your head. Not only that, I can tell when the lighting is right or quickly judge what angle is necessary to get the perfect shot. Exposure and focus all matter, too—and those aren’t just difficult to judge from a camera phone, they may be impossible to create if you don’t already know what you’re doing.

When you hire me, you don’t just get my equipment and my presence; you also get over 25 years of experience. I want to help you capture the stunning pictures you’re imaging, not get a “close enough” version that you will stick up on Facebook for a few days before forgetting all about it.

6. Professional-quality editing brings new life to your images.

There’s a stain on the front of your daughter’s dress that you didn’t notice until it was in just the right light—but of course, it shows in every single picture.

Your son has a distracting scratch on his face from his last soccer game, and there’s absolutely no hiding it.

Your preteen has blemishes just starting to make an appearance, and she’s so embarrassed by them that she won’t let you post any of the pictures of her.

Sound familiar? Often, we try not to let those little things detract from the quality of those perfect family photos. Unfortunately, all too often, it’s the little things that have the power to ruin them, taking over your mind every time you look at those pictures and leaving you disappointed in your session. The solution? Professional editing, which comes hand in hand with your professional photography session.

Often, a little retouching can be the difference between a photo session you love and one that ends in disappointment. Other times, we can create completely new images by combining pictures, turning your family memories into something stunning. A few basic photoshop skills aren’t enough. As a professional photographer, I spend more time editing than I do taking pictures—and that experience will show in your finished photos, too.

7. You’ll get amazing pictures of your children.

Here’s the thing: when it comes to hiring a professional children’s photographer, ultimately, you’ll get amazing pictures of your kids.

You’ll get pictures that showcase their personalities. Their quirks. That natural spark and spunk that you love so much. You’ll get pictures that show exactly who your children are.

Children are only little for a very little while. Each stage of their lives seems to disappear in the blink of an eye, leaving you wondering where it all went. How do you want to remember those precious days?

Do you want blurry camera phone pictures that are half out of focus? Or do you want gorgeous, professional-quality photos that you can hang on your wall and enjoy as your children grow older?

Do you want amateur pictures taken when you remembered to pull out your camera, or do you want professional photos that are deliberately scheduled so that you’ll have time to capture your children exactly as they are in this stage of life?

If you’re ready to schedule a professional photo session with your children, contact me. I’d love to help you capture these precious memories in a way that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Everything You Need To Know About Your First Family Portrait Session

You’re heading in for your first family portrait session, and you’re excited. You’re going to capture memories of your beloved family members that will last a lifetime! At the same time, however, you may find yourself wondering what to expect when you head in for your family portrait session. What will be expected of your family members? Do you need to practice your poses and get ready to stare straight at the camera? There are several things to keep in mind as you gear up for your big day.


Prepping For Your Session


Your family portrait session doesn’t begin when we get together and I pull out my camera. It actually begins in the days and weeks you’ll spend getting excited and getting ready after you’ve scheduled your consultation, and are waiting for the date of your session. There are plenty of questions to answer, including:

Where will my session take place?

I prefer to work with your family from the comfort of my studio, where I have access to my signature lighting. Here, I can completely control lighting and many of the other important details that make up a successful session.

What should I wear?

Picking out your outfits is one of the biggest steps in prepping for a family portrait session

You want everything to look right—but don’t stress about it! Every member of the family doesn’t have to precisely match all of the others. As you’re coordinating your outfit with your family, keep in mind that your outfits will look the most cohesive on camera when the color palette and wardrobe pieces coordinate, but don’t have to actually “match.” In fact, we recommend that you avoid thinking about “matching,” and instead think about what “fits” together. This will create more visual interest, and allow each personality to shine through. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, whether you want to put the guys in plaids and the girls in solids or dress the girls in beautiful patterns while the guys wear coordinating solids. Consider how your chosen outfits speak to your family’s personality or showcase what makes you unique.

How much time do I need?

Before your session, we’ll talk about your family size and the types of pictures you want will determine how long you’ll need to plan to spend at the studio. Family sessions typically take a minimum of three-four hours which also includes professional hair and makeup. Also, try to avoid commitments immediately after your session so that we’ll have plenty of time and not feel rushed.


Can I bring props?

If there are specific props or other items that you’d like to bring to your session, let’s talk about them! Often, those special items will add a note of personality and fun to your family portrait session. I do ask, however, that you give me a heads up about any important items that you’d like to bring along to the session with you since that will give me more time to consider how they’ll fit into our creative vision for the session. I also have several props of my own available, which means that you may not need to bring your items with you!


During Your Session


You’ve arrived at the studio for your family portrait session—now what? We’ll start mom off by pampering her with professional hair and makeup. I always have refreshments available for you and the family to snack on during your time in the studio.

Have Fun!

We’ll hang out together and have fun!

During the early part of the session, I’ll try to put you and your family members at ease. You don’t have to look at the camera all the time! In fact, some of the best pictures I’ve gotten are of family members who are enjoying each other, rather than focusing on the camera.

I will guide you through poses so you don’t have to worry about “what you need to do”. I’ll take care of it all!

Strike a Pose

While you’re in front of the camera, let me take care of all the important posing details.

Inevitably, the moment you look away from the camera or break your pose to talk to your child, they finally decide to cooperate—but the opportunity is lost because you weren’t in your pose! Instead, I’ll talk to the kids, get silly with them, and keep snapping away. I never know what shot will turn out to be the best of the bunch.

Keep in mind that kids quickly grow frustrated if they feel like they’re being fussed at, instead of getting to enjoy the family portrait session. Try to have fun with your family as you capture tangible memories of the way they are in this season. You’ll be amazed by the quality difference in your pictures when you’re all able to relax and enjoy yourselves!

Many people wonder, “What happens if my session runs over?” Don’t worry! If the session runs over due to something out of your control, I’m not going to charge you extra for my time. I do, however, ask that you do your best to arrive at the session on time. This will give us more chances for creative expression and more time to spend focused on your family without feeling rushed.


When Your Session is Over


You’ve brought your family members together and taken some amazing pictures. The next step is on me! It’s time for me to look through your pictures, edit them, and turn them into the gorgeous final products you want for your wall, your albums, and your other artifacts. 

The reveal:

Once I’ve reviewed all of your pictures, I will edit a select few with my signature “painterly” editing style so you can see how the final images will look.  We will then go through all the images together from the comfort of your home where you get to choose your favorite images! 

Then, you’ll have the chance to order your products: gorgeous framed art for your wall (or for Grandma’s!), fine art, museum quality prints, folio boxes, and more.

I’ll also offer you a digital copy of your images for sharing on social media, keeping on your computer, and allowing you to remember your family as they are in this moment. 

Are you ready to put together an amazing portrait session? If you haven’t already scheduled your session, fill out my contact form so I can get in touch with you. I’ll get back to you to learn more about the unique, fine art images you want to capture of your family.